• Hannah

Keep Smiling

It has been a while since I last posted, and who could have ever believed that we would enter the first quarter of 2020 with surgical masks and disposal gloves. In the 1980's when I was growing up I'm sure if I had thought about how the world would be in 2020 I might have imagined trips to other planets or some such fantastic thing. Who knew that we would be learning in March how to wash our hands properly for 20 seconds.

We all have to wait it out until it turns a corner, and we must follow the rules set by Those Who Know. Meanwhile maybe we all will learn something from this terrible global pandemic. I know I have. For me, its business as usual and I am so very thankful to my regular clientele and my new customers who continue to support small businesses like mine in these trying times. I myself am doing the very same thing. I am proud to say that for all my jewelry supplies, I support small businesses in the USA, UK and Turkey.

It's true that its important to treat ourselves and others, if we have the means to do so, and I am grateful to you all. I have kept my prices as low as I possibly can and there is free shipping on all orders. I will also upgrade every order to Priority Express, free of charge, during these times. Carriers and couriers are affected so post is slower than usual so Priority Express should speed your order up so that it gets to you as quick as it can.

Keep smiling, my friends. The corner cannot be that far away now. See you on the other side.