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Happy 2023

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

May I start by wishing all my customers, old and new, the very best in 2023, and thank you so much for supporting a small business like mine. When a customer purchases a piece of jewelry that I have worked on, I hope that they see that its been made with love. For this is the aim of any artisan - that the recipient will love their piece of jewelry just as much as the artisan who made it.

To celebrate a new year, there will be Free Priority Express Shipping Worldwide on all orders throughout January. That means wherever you in the world, you will have your order in superquick time. A note to all my British customers in the UK - the Royal Mail strikes across the UK have caused delays over the Holidays so please be aware of interruptions to post throughout January.

So my Jewelry of the Day is Goldstone. I am so happy to be working on some beautiful Goldstone pieces. I currently have listed both Blue Goldstone and Red Goldstone. They are beautiful sparkling gemstones which sparkle more intensely the more sunlight they get. This is because these gemstones are created with multi-faceted layers of fused glass and very densely set copper flecks. This gives Goldstone its reflective properties which uniquely reflect the light.

Both Blue Goldstone and Red Goldstone are considered very lucky and uplifting gemstones as they are powerful energy generator linked with vitality, wisdom, happier mindsets and encourage positive attitudes. Goldstone is a stone of ambition and confidence as it encourages motivation. Like all my gemstone pieces, Goldstones come with a Gemstone Meaning Card.

That's all for now folks ! Stay happy and stay tuned !

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