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My name is Hannah and thanks so much for coming by and taking a look at my jewelry.


I'm from London UK and have been designing my own vintage inspired jewelry for around 10 years.  I have traveled far and wide and I have learned to create designs with bohemian inspiration, influenced by the mountainous region that I find myself in, using metals such as bronze and copper. I love the muted colors and patina of both of these versatile metals and they work so well with the natural gemstones and crystals that I use in my designs.

I am an eco-warrior and a vegan and passionate about the planet.  I love how it feels in London when the sun is shining and the heat is rising off Oxford Street. I love the mountains too which stand 3,000 miles away from London, red and huge, and the sound of desert pigeons cooing with the dawn.

And I enjoy being an artisan and making unique jewelry that you will love.


Welcome :)-

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