Gemstone locket watch necklace handworked in solid bronze with a filigree bronze bail.  Set with a natural oval Aventurine precious gemstone.  Aventurine is a translucent soft green with delicate inclusions. On a filigree bronze bail with a long bronze chain.  


Meaning: Aventurine is often referred to as the Stone of Opportunity as it attracts luck. It is a powerful healing and strength-giving stone connected to general well-being, optimism, joy and hope. In yoga meditation, and Ayurveda, the gemstone is linked to Heart-Chakra, which means it is a stone of inner peace, awareness and emotional stability.  A booklet on the meaning of this gemstone is included.


Chain length: 31 inch (78cm).  If you would prefer a longer or shorter chain message us at time of order.

Gemstone: 3.0cm x 4.0cm 

Watch movement: Quartz

Battery supplied


Presented in a handcrafted decoupage natural gift box. 

Aventurine Gemstone Watch Necklace Bronze